Assignment 1 - Problem 3

In this exercise, your job is to get Karel to create a checkerboard pattern of beepers insideĀ an empty rectangular world, as illustrated in the following before-and-after diagram.

  • Must work in all worlds, odd, even and one row.
  • Karels final location and the final direction it is facing at end of the ron do not matter.

Okay, so I spent the last couple of days trying to crack this nut going back and forth like crazy until I finally got it figured out, and I have to admit it was way more difficult than first expected. I guess programming never was easy :)

Anyways, heres the code. I know it’s shitty but it does the job and works on all words last time I checked. If you guys sovled the problem any differently I would really appreciate if you sent me the code so I can take a look at it.